January 14, 2008

Well, That Worked Out Pretty Well, Didn't It?

I LOVE THE PLAYOFFS. How wonderful was it to see the San Diego Chargers knock off the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday? I mean, it would have been pretty lame if we'd been stuck with another New England-Indianapolis AFC Championship game. But somehow the Chargers overcame the loss of their starting quarterback, their star running back, AND the Curse of Norv! to defeat the Colts, 28-24. Cut that meat! Cut that meat!

You know, somewhere in Cleveland, I think a Browns fan just cracked a smile.

Speaking of Norv! -- boy, I thought Tom Coughlin looked like an idiot on the sidelines, but Norv! takes it to a whole different level. When you see Coughlin on the sidelines, he usually has this uncomprehending look on his face that suggests he can't understand how or why Rocket Arm Junior has thrown yet another interception. Norv!, however, looks like a commodities trader who goes home for the weekend down-limit on his big pork-bellies position, and is hoping -- begging -- praying -- for things to turn around. Somebody get this man some Pepto, and quick.

But they turned around on Sunday, didn't they? Of course, God help the Chargers when they go to New England next week, because the Patriots will eat the Chargers and Phil Rivers alive. Speaking of, I take back for the moment what I said about Tom Brady being a candyass, because Phil Rivers is clearly most deserving of the Quarterback Candyass title. Plus, Brady has not been whining as much during his games.

Speaking of Coughlin, for that matter, I guess I have to take back at least a little of what I said about the man, because his team DID knock off the evil Dallas Cowboys and DID make Terrell Owens cry and thus DID make the upcoming NFC Championship game interesting and DID potentially set up a great storyline for the Super Bowl with their win. Now they just have to knock off Green Bay. Heh. Good luck with that. Although I do think the Giants are playing well enough to do that, even while playing on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

Also, I realize I'm late to the party on this, but a drink's on me for whomever came up with the "Yoko Romo" tag for Jessica Simpson. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She's never going to live that one down!

So I guess I'll be rooting for the Giants and -- well, I suppose, New England -- during the game this week. Since my Super Bowl loyalties are strictly conference-based -- the AFC must defeat the second-rate NFC, no matter what -- I'm going to have to root for the Patriots. After all, the power of the Curse of Norv! can't be underestimated.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at January 14, 2008 11:46 AM | TrackBack

Damn straight someone in Cleveland cracked a smile! What goes around comes around. Nothing made me smile more than seeing the Colts lose at home in their first round of the playoffs... Good thing Tony let them rest during the Titans game. Did em a lot of good. Browns fans rejoiced everywhere over this outcome. San Diego also wiped out the unworthy Titans who only got into the playoffs because they got a freebie game at the end of the season.

Posted by: Jesse Kepple at January 14, 2008 04:54 PM
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