December 31, 2007

Let the Recriminations Begin!

THE EVIL BALTIMORE RAVENS have cashiered head coach Brian Billick, who ineptly "led" his godless, undisciplined and depraved team to a nine-game losing streak this season and a final record of 5-11.

This naturally concerns me, as there are few things I hate more in life than the wretched Baltimore squad. Over the past few years, Billick proved a dependably stupid coach whose ineptitude could always be counted on as a plus factor for Baltimore's opponents. Now that he's gone, though, it opens up the possibility Baltimore could get a decent coach who would start rebuilding the team, and eventually making it into an opponent other teams would have to actually worry about. That can't be good. As such, my concern over this development far outweighs my admitted joy at seeing Billick get what he deserves.

In other failure-is-not-an-option news, the Miami Dolphins have started cleaning house now that Bill Parcells has taken charge of its operation. This can only be a good thing, as an improving Miami will hopefully improve to the point where it can beat the New England Patriots one game a season. As long as they don't hire Billick as coach, they should be fine.

Also, 82-year-old Marv Levy has taken his leave of the Buffalo Bills. No smart-aleck remarks on me from this one: Mr Levy was a good guy and his willingness to help out the team during a tough point in its history should be commended.

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