December 09, 2007


THE RANT WOULD LIKE to congratulate the New England Patriots for their impressive victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers today. Although the glorious Pittsburgh Steelers played well during the first half, the Patriots shut down our offense in the second half and our defense couldn't stop their ferocious pass assault. It was certainly a humbling moment for me and the rest of Steelers Country and I can only hope we learn lessons from this debacle and apply them should we meet the Patriots again in the playoffs. Since we may just do so.

I'd also like to congratulate my good friend Chris Weinkopf in California, with whom I was in constant contact throughout much of the game, until I finally surrendered and decided to go have a good cry. Chris was gentlemanly and kind during the game, whereas I was a bit -- well -- boisterous -- when I got my hopes up. But even as Pittsburgh was thrown down to the ground, he did not needle me or exult in his team's victory. Of course, I wouldn't have done so either, even if I was a bit exuberant at the Steelers' first-half performance.

I am hopeful that should Pittsburgh and New England meet again in the playoffs -- likely during the AFC Conference Championship -- that Pittsburgh will perform better, particularly on those deep pass plays where the SAFETIES NEED TO REMEMBER TO COVER DEEP RECEIVERS, EVEN IF THE PLAY LOOKS LIKE A RUN. Not that I am bitter. Nor am I bitter that backup free safety Anthony Smith got burned several times during the game. Not at all. Why, I would not even exult in glee if Mr Rooney agreed to trade Mr Smith to the Miami Dolphins in return for some spare equipment and a seafood dinner. Or if Mr Smith was busted to the practice squad. Or if Mr Smith were to end up playing in Calgary.

But anyway -- I must salute Patriots Nation, particularly my coworkers at the office, for their team's excellent victory today. I'll be ready for the lumps on Tuesday when I return to work. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

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