October 15, 2007

THAT'LL Teach 'Em to Leave the Big East

SO THE BCS STANDINGS have been revealed for the first time and lo! the South Florida Bulls are ranked No. 2, putting them in position to potentially play in the national championship game early next year. The Eagles of Boston College, meanwhile, have found themselves ranked No. 3 in the BCS standings. South Florida, interestingly, is also ranked No. 2 in the AP poll, while it ranks No. 3 in both the Harris and coaches' poll -- its No. 2 BCS place is due to its No. 1 computer ranking.

I have to think this is all a result of Boston College leaving the Big East and joining the ACC -- a move for which they were roundly criticized at the time, and for which they are now receiving their just punishment. Over the past few years, the Big East has quickly become the nation's No. 3 football conference -- and this year, is tougher than the ACC, the Big Ten and many other storied conferences of old. Looking at the BCS standings, we can see the following:


* There are seven (!) SEC schools in the BCS standings: LSU (No. 4), South Carolina (No. 6), Kentucky (No. 7), Florida (No. 15), Auburn (No. 17), Georgia (No. 20) and Tennessee (No. 21).

* There are five schools from the Big 12 conference: Oklahoma (No. 5), Kansas (No. 13), Missouri (No. 16), Texas (No. 22), and Texas Tech (No. 24).

* There are four schools from the PAC-10 in the standings: Ariz. State (No. 8), Oregon (No. 10), California (No. 12), and USC (No. 14).

* There are three schools from the Big East: South Florida (No. 2), W. Virginia (No. 9) and Cincinnati (No. 23).

* There are three schools from the ACC: Boston College (No. 3), Virginia Tech (No. 11) and Virginia (No. 19).

* There are two schools from the Big Ten: Ohio State (No. 1) and Michigan (HAIL to the No. 25 Victors!)

* Oh, and Hawaii, of the pathetic WAC (No. 18).


Now, the Big East and the ACC are pretty similar here -- except for the fact that the Big East only has eight teams, compared to the ACC's 12. Thus, one can say the competition in the Big East is considerably tougher, especially when one considers the Big East has teams like Louisville and a surprisingly improved Connecticut squad. The ACC, meanwhile, has crappy teams like Duke. So it is understandable why the computer, free of emotional attachments, would give South Florida the nod over Boston College.

Besides, the only people who like Boston College are its alumni and people living in Boston. Everyone else is properly appalled at the idea Boston College would get a shot at the national championship. The only reason to root for Boston College, in my mind, is their glorious placekicker, Steve Aponavicius, who rules and is a testament to the virtues that made this country great.

In related news, I have to say I'm impressed with how the north division of the Big 12 conference has played this year and if things continue, the whole conference should probably be considered the third best in college football this season, behind the surprisingly strong Pac-10 and the SEC, whose dominance even I can't deny. As for the Big Ten, its subpar performance this year is most annoying, although I am hopeful next year will be different. I can dream, anyway.

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