October 07, 2007

I Believe It Because It is Impossible

SO THERE I am watching the LSU-Florida game -- because Purdue's defense, as it turned out, couldn't stop a Pop Warner team from advancing the ball, much less Ohio State -- and lo and behold, word comes that the mighty USC Trojans lost to ... Stanford. What? No, I'm not kidding.


I swear, this is REALLY turning into a crazy college football season and we're not even halfway through it. After last week, when so many great teams dropped like flies against unexpectedly strong opposition, one would have expected a bit of normality. Yet this week alone, Wisconsin lost and Michigan State lost and Kentucky lost and Georgia lost, all things that -- at least to some extent -- could be described as cuts against the grain.

But to have USC lose is unbelievable. Consider: USC scored 23 points. This is 18 points less than the total by which they were favored to beat the Stanford Cardinal. Put another way, Stanford's 24 point total meant they covered the total by 42 points -- nearly the total of all the points that were scored in the game. I mean, Stanford sucked. Last week, they lost 45-14 to UCLA, which this week became the first team to lose to Notre Dame. That's how bad Stanford was. And now they knock off USC? USC, of the 35-game winning streak at home?

Admittedly, I am very happy at this turn of events. I like it when USC loses, because USC has a way of beating Michigan in bowl games. Plus, USC plays in the PAC-10, which formerly served up bunches of weak opponents, although this year the conference seems a bit tougher. I approve of the PAC-10 being tougher, because it heightens the chance of USC losing and -- almost as good -- not appearing in a bowl game where they might play Michigan.

And what an LSU-Florida game last night! I was hoping Florida would manage to eke out a victory but alas, LSU won the game through sheer force of will and really savvy coaching. But any game that comes down to the final play is a good one, regardless of whether the team one is rooting for wins.

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