October 02, 2007

Comments May Return Next Week

SO TONIGHT I GOT A NICE IM from my good friend Matt (REDACTED), who politely asked me to, in his words, "FIX YOUR GODDAMN COMMENTS." I responded as one might have expected: "Your message is important to us! I'm sorry, but all representatives are busy assisting other readers." Then, I learned that Mr (REDACTED) had issued an Open Letter to this effect, complaining that important issues of the day (e.g., that brain-eating amoeba thingy) were being left uncommented upon, etc. etc.

Anyway, as Mr (REDACTED)* and I discussed, Mr (REDACTED) will take a shot at fixing the comments, and if he succeeds, he will receive my everlasting thanks. Well, actually, I have to buy him an appetizer of his choice the next time we go out to eat. An appetizer I can't share. This seemed fair, though, and I went along with it, particularly since he was initially demanding dinner. However, rest assured I do plan to ensure we won't dine at any place where the appetizers include Sevruga or anything like that.

If it DOESN'T work, of course, it's entirely feasible the site could blow up. So we're waiting on this until I can back up the files accordingly.


* Mr (REDACTED) has politely asked me not to mention his last name, because doing so apparently sends Google's all-seeing eye gazing in his direction. As Mr (REDACTED) is an attorney, this fills him with fear and dread. Not enough fear and dread for Captain Anonymous to not video blog, but enough fear and dread to ask that his friends acquiesce to his demand for semi-anonymity.

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