September 29, 2007

For Now, Our March to the Big Ten Title Continues

SO I WAS AT WORK today when one of my colleagues called over to me and asked, "Hey, Ben. How's Michigan doing?" Truly, there are few crueler questions the guys at the office could have asked me. You see, this is because these colleagues know perfectly well how Michigan's college football team is doing at any given time. Thus, it was with a sinking heart that I checked myself and found that Northwestern -- Northwestern, for goodness' sake! -- was beating Michigan 16-7.

Uh, no.

Fortunately, however, Northwestern gave up the ghost in the fourth quarter -- turning the ball over like crazy -- and Michigan rallied to win against a team that should never have been in contention with the mighty Wolverines, but was until late in the second half. Anyway, Michigan 28, Northwestern 16, and our drive to win the Big Ten is still alive. Go team!

I talked with my folks after I got home today and I got the impression Dad wasn't too thrilled with Penn State's performance against the Fighting Zooks. Illinois is not a bad team but they should have not have been able to knock off the Nittany Lions. Once again, though, Illinois had a secret weapon -- Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli, who threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball in the fourth quarter. Oops.

Well, Penn State fans can at least sleep easy knowing Morelli's a senior. I just hope Morelli doesn't end up playing for my beloved Manchester Wolves, next year, because we're going to need a good quarterback. Maybe he can go up to Calgary and play for the Stampeders.

I was pleased to see South Florida knock off West Virginia on Friday -- what a great game THAT was -- primarily because West Virginia annoys me. They seem perennially overrated, especially now that the Big East conference has become one of the nation's better football conferences. Speaking of overrated, what the hell happened to Oklahoma? I am stunned they lost to Colorado. I mean, come on. It's Colorado. Weren't they supposed to, you know, stink? I am also surprised at Kansas State's dominance of Texas today.

I was not, however, surprised to see Michigan State's players happy and cheerful today after injuring a Wisconsin player on a tough hit. That's the type of classless and gauche display for which these scoundrels are known. I do hope Wisconsin pulls out a victory today, just because the Spartans will fold like a cheap suit once they endure a tough loss. They always do. I look forward to the annual Michigan-Michigan State game later in the year, when -- God willing -- we will humble them.

I am also looking forward to a good slate of pro football action tomorrow. Good luck to the Cleveland Browns as they play the evil Baltimore Ravens, and good luck to the Pittsburgh Steelers as they march to Arizona and take on the Arizona Cardinals. Not that we'll need it, of course, but it can't hurt.

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