September 24, 2007

The Steel Curtain Returns

SO THE GLORIOUS Pittsburgh Steelers steamrolled to victory over a better, but still hapless, San Francisco 49ers squad yesterday. Ah, the thrill of victory, and the thrill of victory -- it makes a football fan happy. Especially when one's team wins 37-16, and only gives up a meaningless touchdown near the end of the game. Pittsburgh played well: it shut down San Francisco's run offense and held the team to three field goals when the game was in contention. That was particularly impressive considering a Classic Steeler Football Moment -- Roethlisberger fumbling on the second play of the Steelers' opening possession -- early on. But things turned around quickly from there, as Allen Rossum ran back the 49ers' kickoff for a touchdown. (Thanks, Atlanta!)

Oh, and the Bungles lost again. Ha ha!

I have to say, if things continue to go this way, Pittsburgh is assured a division title and a playoff spot. The Ravens, despite being 2-1, already look tired and don't seem nearly as formidable as they were last year. The Browns -- more on them in a bit -- are still the Browns, and the wheels are coming off the Bengals bus. They've now lost two in a row and next week get to play the Patriots at Paul Brown Stadium. God help them! I do not root for the Patriots often but in a divisional match like this, I'm going to cheer on Mad Genius Hobo Coach and his batallion of alarmingly good players. All in all, though, I am confident about Pittsburgh's chances to win the AFC North.

I am also confident about Pittsburgh's playoff chances, although I don't think any of the top three teams in the AFC -- New England, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh -- have really been tested yet. Of the three, only Indianapolis has faced tough competition, from divisional opponents Houston and Tennessee. Pittsburgh has had one quasi-challenging game and two cupcake opponents, and the same could be said for New England. The Pats look scary-good, but it is easy to look scary-good against the Bills and the Jets. Plus, New England's thumping of the San Diego Chargers last week is diminished now that the Chargers have gone from hero to zero in just one season. (Somewhere, Marty Schottenheimer is laughing his ass off). Anyway, we'll see whether the Pats -- and the Steelers -- are all they're cracked up to be as the season goes on. (Especially since the Pats play the Colts and Steelers this season! Football rules).

I watched the Steelers game with my folks, and we stuck around for the Browns game against the Raiders. God, what a heartbreaker that was. The Browns gave up 16 points and then came back to score 17 unanswered points, prompting a duel between the teams that went to the final seconds. The Browns were facing a 40 yard field goal attempt to win the game -- AND IT GOT BLOCKED. Maximum suckage.

It may seem strange for a Steelers fan to root for the Browns. No Browns fan, as they all have issues about Pittsburgh, would ever root for the Steelers. But I like the Browns and will generally root for them unless they're playing the Steelers. They're a hard team to dislike and especially hard to dislike when your own team has beaten them eight times in a row. Also, Art Modell can rot in the fiery bowels of perdition. But it's still worth noting that even after that heartwrenching loss, the Browns are not in last place. Heh heh heh.

I was disappointed to see the Chicago Bears blow their game against the evil Dallas Cowboys. I mean, come on. This was almost as frustrating as watching the evil Baltimore Ravens -- may God damn them -- beat the Arizona Cardinals. Oh, and that reminds me: I am not a fan of Keith Olbermann, but the man was right on when he criticized the Philadelphia Eagles' hideous, miserable, disgusting throwback uniforms. They should have gone with the pale green 1960 uniforms, as Olbermann said, not the awful Depression-era yellow-and-blues.

But ah well. Next week should be a good one and I am looking forward to it!

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