September 16, 2007

Pittsburgh Marches on to Victory

AH, THE JOYS OF SUNDAY. The glorious Pittsburgh Steelers have marched on to yet another victory, humbling the wretched Buffalo Bills, 26-3, in a game that can charitably be described as a rout. While the Steelers got off to a somewhat slow start -- scoring four field goals in the first half, but no touchdowns -- the passing game got going in the second half and Pittsburgh cruised to victory. I also enjoyed watching Buffalo's Lee Evans get not one, but two, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties two plays in a row. The first was for spiking the ball after managing to get a first down. The second was for, and I quote, "for getting in the official's face" when Mr Evans thought a pass-interference call should have been assessed against the Steelers, but was not forthcoming. Nice moves, idiot.

So that was nice. Like last week, I watched the game at Billy's Sports Bar and Grill in the special Steelers Room. The Buffalo fans present talked a good game but at the end slunk out of the bar, dejected and morose. I was QUITE pleased, however, to see the Cleveland Browns knock off the felonious Cincinnati Bengals, 51-45. What -- a -- game. It went down to the final minute, and Cincinnati looked like it might manage to pull off a victory until Cleveland cornerback Lee Bodden made a fabulous interception with just 21 seconds to go. Game, set, match.

I got the chance to watch the Cleveland-Cincinnati game as well, and it was a fabulous game from the get-go. When the Pittsburgh game ended up, the remaining Steelers fans all started rooting for the Browns -- along with Hapless Browns Fan Rick, who was downright ecstatic that his team managed to win. He was not having an easy time of it, especially at the end, when Cleveland fullback, on the Browns' last time, Lawrence Vickers dropped a short pass while wide open. That could have sealed the game, but Mr Vickers started running with the ball before he had it, so to speak. Oops.

Still, a hearty congratulations to the Browns for their victory over the hated Bengals. The best part, of course, is that there's plenty of good football still to come!

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