September 13, 2007

Hines Ward: "Oh, They Knew"

WELL, IT WOULD NOW appear the glorious Pittsburgh Steelers have joined in the pile-up against the New England Patriots, which The Rant submits as further proof the Pats are cheating scoundrels and generally up to no good. Hines Ward, everyone's favorite wide receiver, said the Patriots somehow managed to know the Steelers' calls in the 2001 AFC Championship Game. Well, that would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Meanwhile, the Steelers' coaching staff say Pats coach Bill Belichick has been doing this for years, even when he was coaching in Cleveland (not that it helped). While Steelers coach Mike Tomlin didn't come right out and say the Pats were cheating, he wasn't exactly surprised, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"You hear rumors of things of that nature. It's nothing new. In terms of confirming it, it's never been confirmed in any instance to my knowledge. But usually where there is smoke, there's fire. Those rumors are founded on something. So it's not totally shocking, no."

Also, for those Pats fans wondering whether the Steelers have a few jokers to hide, it should be noted we have been caught breaking league rules twice and each time lost a third-round draft pick. The first time, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was back in 1978, when we, uh, accidentally practiced with shoulder pads during a mini-camp. The second time was in 2001, when we got punished for a salary cap violation -- a minor oversight, one could say. In both cases the offenses and punishments were notably minor, and certainly not cheating, like the Patriots have apparently been cheating.

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