August 13, 2007

Fool, Money, Soon Parted; You Know the Drill

A FLORIDA MAN who bought a $400,000 Lamborghini is facing charges after crashing the automobile just shortly after buying it, according to the Orlando Sentinel and bunches of other Florida media outlets.

According to authorities, Orlando-area dumbshit motorist Ronald Tridico was speeding when he went around a curve on State Road 429. Upon losing control while maneuvering through the curve, the Florida Highway Patrol said Mr Tridico overcorrected and his car skidded 1,200 feet before crashing. That's nearly a quarter of a mile, and suggests that Mr Tridico was traveling awfully fast when the incident occurred. Mr Tridico faces was arrested on two charges, according to the Sentinel: police arrested him on "suspicion of driving under the influence" and on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident. Here's the key quote from the story:

The 39-year-old Windermere resident told troopers that another vehicle had cut him off. But judging by the skid marks, authorities didn't believe him.

"Just because you can afford a $400,000 car doesn't mean you know how to drive it," said Sgt. Jorge Delahoz, a Highway Patrol spokesman.

Tridico was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and leaving the scene. The man's wife suffered a minor injury to her arm but refused medical treatment, Delahoz said.

While I am glad to see that no one got badly hurt in the wreck, I do think it necessary to say to Mr Tridico: SMOOTH MOVE, RON. That should make you real popular down at the country club, or whatever upscale establishments of which you are a member. Hopefully in future he will learn to a) respect the machine that he's driving and b) not drive like a maniac. And he's damned lucky the crash was a single-vehicle accident; if it had involved another vehicle, God knows how serious it might have been.

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