August 10, 2007

I'm Biting My Lip Right Now, Really I Am

THE RANT WOULD LIKE to extend its sincere condolences -- *snicker* *guffaw* -- to football fans in southwestern Ohio, after the Cincinnati Bengals SOMEHOW BLEW A 16-POINT LEAD and managed to lose to THE DETROIT LIONS in the teams' pre-season opener. While football fans here in New Hampshire were treated to the boring national telecast between the Dallas Cowboys and the Indianapolis Colts, there was apparently a hell of a good game going on in Detroit that practically no one got to see.

I had kept half an eye on the Lions game this evening via my computer, as a sort of salve against having to watch the broadcasters fawn over Peyton Manning. When the Bengals made it 26-10, I stopped keeping an eye on it and started blogging, because the Dallas-Indy game blew chunks. I figured I'd check back in to see if the Lions had made any progress, and found to my astonishment the score had somehow become 27-26. Not only did the Lions block a punt, they managed to recover an onside kick and those tipped the balance in Detroit's favor, as the team went on to score 17 points in the fourth quarter.

So, first things first -- I must congratulate my good friend Simon From Jersey, a devoted Lions fan who also probably didn't get to see the game but still must be pleased about it. However, I would offer my sincere sympathy to all the Bengals fans who settled in to watch their team play this past evening. Even though it was a meaningless pre-season game it had to have been tough to watch the Bungles' second- and third-stringers bungle things once again. Also, one of your running backs got hurt and that certainly won't help things, particularly since he's not in trouble with the law.

So, I'm sorry, Bengals fans. Sorry, Rev. Uncle Dave. It must be hard knowing the game could well be an omen of things to come this season. But that's just the way things go sometimes, I guess.

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