July 28, 2007

Now Here's a Scary Thought

SO MY BROTHER sent me a nice note recently about my new football-related top banner. He liked it, he said, except he really thought I should make one improvement:

JESSE: Dude, I like the new banner, but I have to say… I think you should incorporate Marty into it!

I offered up a pleasant but reasoned response to this suggestion:

ME: If I decide to have a banner in which all the people I DON'T LIKE in football are on there, I'll certainly consider it :-D.

Soon afterwards, I got a response. I reacted as one might expect:

JESSE: Say, something like this, perhaps?


I should, however, note that Jesse's banner would have been perfect if he had only included Jerry Jones in place of Art Rooney. Mr Rooney would have wanted it that way, because Mr Rooney would not have wanted anything to do with players like Messrs Owens and Manning.

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