April 12, 2007

Football Update

FOR THOSE READERS who are starting to bemoan the lack of football, don't worry -- starting this Saturday, NFL Europe games will be broadcast on NFL Network. This is a good way for viewers to gain familiarity with developing players and others who will fight for spots in the NFL during the preseason. As such, watching the games will make you seem incredibly well-informed when August rolls around and some guy hardly anyone has heard of is fighting for the third-string quarterback's job.

If you don't have NFL Network available, you should call your cable company and complain. If you've called your cable company and complained, but they won't do anything about it, you should write angry letters and complain at shareholders' meetings and act generally irritating. Eventually, they'll have to come around, especially when people they know start getting annoyed and snubbing them down at the country club and what not.

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