April 11, 2007

Trial Balloon

ONE DAY IN FEBRUARY, a Tennessee blogger displeased with the experience she and her job-seeking husband had at a local career-search company came home and wrote about it. Representatives of the company soon found out about her post, and had to decide how to handle the matter. Clearly the best decision was to hire a law firm, which then threatened to sue the blogger in question unless she retracted her remarks.

Based on the reaction to the firm's demand letter, one might suggest it would be a good idea for the company to drop the whole matter.

It's not just that people across the nation have become rather upset, or that the local newspaper has taken notice, or that Instapundit is broadcasting it out to tens of thousands of people. It's not even because all that happened in just a matter of hours, and that the wave of publicity is still swelling. It's also because the potential plaintiff and his counsel now have a good idea of how a jury of God-fearing citizens would receive their claim.

Thus, it might be smart for the company to just -- I don't know -- pretend the whole thing didn't happen, if such an arrangement can be made in the wacky world of law. Barring that, maybe a gift certificate or some concert tickets might work.

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