March 22, 2007

Basketball Haikus (Sweet Sixteen Version)

No. 1 Kansas 61, No. 4 S. Illinois 58

Oh, wretched Kansas
You live despite all efforts
to send you back home

You'll choke soon enough
for karma can't be denied,
and you will collapse

God knows the Bruins
would love to throw you down
to the hardwood floor

Your run will end soon
for if Bucknell could beat you
UCLA can.

No. 1 Ohio State 85, No. 4 Tennessee 84

Crikey, not again
Why won't Ohio State lose?
Does fate demand this?

Must Ohio pull
victories out of its ass
ev'ry single game?

I mean, they were down
twenty points against the Vols,
yet came back to win

Maybe we should blame
the wretched squad from Knoxville
that failed on TV

No. 2 UCLA 64, No. 3 Pittsburgh 55

We saw it coming
just like everyone else did;
UCLA won

Not much to say here;
Pitt got outplayed, as usual
but that's how it goes

No. 2 Memphis 65, No. 3 Texas A&M 64

Oh, those two free throws
put Memphis over the top
in the last seconds

How great were those shots
as they broke the Aggies' spirit
after a tough game

Now the real test comes
as they must face the Buckeyes
over the weekend;

Please, beat them soundly;
let the Buckeyes reap defeat;
let the clock strike twelve.

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