March 16, 2007

Basketball Haikus

No. 11 VCU 79, No. 6 Duke 77.

One point eight seconds
made all the difference for
the VCU Rams

How wonderful was
that last jump shot near the paint
which sealed Duke's defeat

For the nation cheered
as ignoble Duke sank down
to obscurity

And through the Southland,
there rose a great, mocking cry:
"Go back to Jersey!"

No. 7 Boston College 84, No. 10 Texas Tech 75

Oh, Boston College
you have done a great service
for basketball fans

Now, you see, we can
ignore Bob Knight's existence
until next time 'round

General principle
demands the wretch suffer for
his silly antics

We're glad you lost, Coach;
now sink back into the muck,
you son of a bitch.

No. 5 Butler 57, No. 12 Old Dominion 46

"Old Dominion" sounds
like a bad aftershave brand
for sale on the cheap

Like bad aftershave,
Old Dominion started strong,
but couldn't hold out

Oh, they seemed so close
to knocking off a five-seed
per long tradition

But the second half
soon showed they were no match for
commonplace Butler.

No. 7 Indiana 70, No. 10 Gonzaga 57

Alas, Gonzaga!
How bright your future once seemed,
how lofty your dreams

They now lie ruined
before proud Indiana
which surged to glory

You were not the same
squad as you were this last year,
when Morrison played;

Do better next time,
for Michigan makes me weep
in the NIT.

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