March 10, 2007

Hail, Hail to Michigan

EIGHTY YEARS AGO, the University of Michigan dedicated its new football stadium in Ann Arbor. One of the very cool things about that particular Saturday's football game -- aside from our triumph over a certain second-rate university -- was that the day was filmed.

Dig this compilation of pre-game footage, crowd reaction shots, and football action from the fall of 1927, which even includes aerial shots and a pleasing score of school songs:

Yeah. Let's see those scoundrels down at Ohio State top that. Oh, wait. Michigan beat them when their stadium was dedicated; in fact, we shut them out at home, 19-0. Also, it's again worth noting Michigan Stadium holds more people, is much more fun to attend and is generally cooler than Ohio Stadium.

Although it seems inconceivable, Michigan Stadium could be even cooler if this plan for the stadium's renovation was adopted.

(with thanks to my good friend Lee, a fellow Michigan alumnus)

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