February 13, 2007

If You Listen Closely, You Can Hear Lake Havasu Calling

HERE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, I know we've had a winter which even I would describe as mild and bucolic. We've only had one real month of cold, and the snowfall has been practically nonexistent. However, I would note the weather forecast for this time tomorrow contains the following phrases:

"definite snow"
"areas of blowing snow"
"chance of light ice pellets" (i.e. sleet)
"chance of thunderstorms" (i.e. thundersnow)

These weather phenomena are expected to happen with the air temperature around 20 degrees and sustained winds of about 25 miles per hour, resulting a wind chill of about zero. Given this, the idea of looking into air travel for slightly warmer parts of the country -- Lake Havasu City comes to mind -- seems better and better with each passing moment.

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