February 12, 2007

Oh, Great, Now the Chargers Will Be Unstoppable

THE SAN DIEGO CHARGERS have cashiered head coach Marty Schottenheimer, according to various wire service reports.

The Chargers claim this was due to a breakdown in the relationship between Schottenheimer and A.J. Smith, the team's general manager. However, I personally suspect it was because the Chargers head office realized they were tainted with the Curse of Martyball, and had to act before the curse tainted the 2007 season beyond all redemption.

This leads us to the most alarming thing about this development: the prospect of a revived, Martyball-free San Diego Chargers organization. Clearly they will be the early favorites to win Super Bowl XLII and all the other teams can only hope the Chargers find an even worse coach than Schottenheimer to run their show. You know, like Tom Coughlin. Oh, if only they'd pick Tom Coughlin.

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