February 06, 2007

Living (Very, Very, Very) Cheaply

FOR THOSE OF US interested in personal-finance matters, the tale of an adult college student planning to live on just $12,000 per year is pretty fascinating -- particularly given how she has figured out ways to cut out expenses and decided what exactly she must sacrifice to make it. MSN Money has the full story.

The only thing which somewhat bothers me about the story is that the student, who fully admits choosing the path on which she has embarked, said she relies on a food bank for assistance. Perhaps it's just me, but that seems like a resource which single folks ought use only in the most dire of situations. Food pantries never have enough food for the families who rely on them, and families would seem to need the assistance more.

Further, even if one must shop on the tightest of budgets, it seems like it would be possible to get the nutrition one needs to survive through eating a lot of vegetables, soups and standbys like rice and beans. But in the event money is running that tight for the student, perhaps she could work a few extra hours a week to close that budgetary gap. Even better, she might be able to get a job at a grocery and perhaps get an employee discount.

(via Boston Gal's Open Wallet)

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