February 06, 2007

Ye Olde Wasted Saturday

A KEY QUOTE from Patrick "Bad News" Hughes' recent trip to a "Renaissance Faire:"

"I know! We’ll counteract the poisons with a little taste of something good from the mead vendor! And once again experience one of my least favorite aspects of the Faire, the fact that every merchant somehow feels compelled to constantly yell throughout the entire transaction: "MEAD! AH YES, MEAD! THIS GENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE A MEAD! ONE MEAD FOR THIS FINE GENTLEMAN ON THIS SUNNY MORN. ONE MEAD COMING RIGHT UP. YES, A FINE LORD SUCH AS YOURSELF MUST WORK UP A MIGHTY THIRST! NO DOUBT YOU'LL SOON ENJOY QUENCHING YON THIRST WITH MEAD. HERE YOU ARE, SIR! HERE BE YOUR MEAD! GOOD DAY, SIR! GOOD DAY TO YOU, SQUIRE!"

Go read the whole thing. It's alarming yet hysterical at the same time -- and it's even got pictures! Then, after you're done reading it, go read his entry from last year, which is perhaps even funnier.

(via Sheila O'Malley)

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