January 07, 2007

Wait, WHAT?

WAIT A MINUTE. Explain to me how Dallas actually managed to lose the game which I stupidly turned off in disgust somewhere in the third quarter. A safety? A botched field goal attempt? What the hell? More importantly, where was all this when I checked the stupid online NFL scoreboard and it clearly said, Dallas 20 - Seahawks 13, with ten seconds left in the fourth quarter?

I mean, that WAS what it said, I'm sure of it.

Oh, come on. You don't think I would have REALLY posted the entry below without honestly believing the Cowboys won, do you? I mean, for Pete's sake, there are few things I enjoy more than watching Dallas lose. Plus, since this loss was a season-ender, it really puts all the Cowboys fans in a bad mood -- AND it means there's great potential for months of off-season bickering between Messrs Jones, Parcells and Owens, the Unholy Trinity of Dallas Football.

Yeah. Let the arguing begin!

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