December 27, 2006

Rewarding! Very, Very, Very Rewarding!

SLATE MAGAZINE has helpfully published "Ads We Hate," an article examining television commercials which provoke reactions ranging from mild distaste to complete nausea. Strangely, this article makes absolutely no mention of Citibank's alarming and wretched commercials with the strange European who values something called "rewards points" the same way you or I would value things like "cash money" or "concert tickets." You can figure out the tagline.

What's annoying about this commercial -- aside from the omnipresent tagline -- is this focus on something called "rewards points," which seem like a cross between corporate scrip and the prizes people used to choose on old episodes of "Wheel of Fortune." Here at The Rant, there are only two acceptable forms of credit-card usage reimbursement: A) cash back and B) airline miles. Anything else seems a bit foolish.

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