December 15, 2006

Well, There's Potentially One Less Thing to Worry About

THE PLAIN DEALER of Cleveland reports that a trucker stands accused of throwing chunks of iron ore at motorists on US 422, a highway southeast of Cleveland. The trucker reportedly told police he threw the iron ore out of anger that the oncoming drivers wouldn't switch off their high-beams. The paper says:

Bright lights gave truck driver Glenn Rogers Jr. a not-so-bright idea, according to the Geauga County Sheriff's Office. Rogers told investigators that he hurled hunks of iron ore at oncoming traffic to express his displeasure with staring into approaching high beams, Chief Deputy Scott Hildenbrand said Wednesday. Rogers was trying to "knock out" headlights with his tosses, Hildenbrand said.

Authorities said that Rogers may be responsible for dozens of smashed windshields reported on Geauga roadways -- predominantly along U.S. 422 east of LaDue Reservoir -- over the past three months.

Rogers, 40, of Elyria pleaded not guilty in Chardon Municipal Court to three felony charges of vehicular vandalism. Police Prosecutor Dennis Coyne said additional charges are expected when the case gets presented to the county's grand jury.

Rogers spent Wednesday in the Geauga County Jail and could not be reached. His fiancée and mother attended the morning court hearing, but declined comment, as did his attorney, public defender Robert Umholtz.

Fortunately, my travels along US 422 are well west of the reservoir, even when I'm driving to the Cleveland area from points east. But still, this is one of those vaguely disturbing stories that makes me wonder about Back Home sometimes ...

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