December 07, 2006

Well, That Was a Good Start to the Weekend

SAY, MAYBE THERE'S HOPE for the Pittsburgh Steelers yet -- if not this season, then perhaps next year. After all, it's hard to feel anything but optimism when one's team takes a division rival to school, 27-7, and does so in a bitterly cold night game given national television exposure.

It wasn't just that QB Ben Roethlisberger did well, it was that everyone did well. Santonio Holmes and Nate Washington made some great catches, the offensive line was outstanding and Willie Parker, instead of falling down for a gain of one yard every first down, ran for a team record 223 yards. Plus, the defense -- although a little too porous on the pass for my liking -- held our opponents to just 18 yards rushing.

Gee, at this rate, the Steelers will crack the .500 barrier before we know it. Plus, with four weeks left in the season, it's entirely possible the Steelers could still make the playoffs. Admittedly, the chance of that happening is a bit slim, but hey. Keep hope alive.

Also, admittedly, this great victory came against the Cleveland Browns, although I don't want to beat up too badly on our divisional foes tonight. Part of that is because their new quarterback, whom no one ever heard of prior to Cleveland's win last week against Kansas City, did extremely well under the circumstances (21-37, 276, 1/1). It's not his fault his receivers couldn't hold onto the ball this evening, and it's not his fault Cleveland's run game couldn't get anything going either. However, he clearly has a lot of potential and did a lot to keep the game from being a total embarrassment for the Brownies. I mean, as the game went on, I kinda wanted Cleveland to score at least once.

But anyway. The important thing here is that Pittsburgh won, and we're just one game away from being .500. Now all we need is for Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Denver and the New York Jets to all lose this weekend, and it'll really bollux up the AFC playoff picture. OK, so Cincinnati is playing Oakland. But I'd be good with four out of five.

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