December 02, 2006

The Blogger is Sick

SO THERE I WAS on Wednesday night, feeling sick as a dog and doing my best to not faint in the seemingly immobile line at the pharmacy. I would have preferred to have gone straight home, but I needed medicine. I had run out of cold remedies at home, and the over-the-counter drugs available don’t have the full-force ingredients I need when I’m trying to get over a bad cold.

I need the full-force ingredients because I suffer from chronic sinus problems, the severity of which can make my life a hopeless, wretched nightmare: I keep hoping to wake up, yet stumble around in a dreary haze as the pressure and pain bears down all around me. Those who have sinus trouble will instantly sympathize with my plight; those who who don’t have it ought pray they never do. It’s that bad.

Anyway, the trouble on Wednesday was that I couldn’t buy the cold medicine I needed except through the pharmacy checkout stand. This is because the medicines – at least the ones which work, anyway – have pseudoephedrine or similar substances in them. These work very well – so well, in fact, that clever narcotics traffickers have figured out how to break down the medicines and cook them up into methamphetamine.

As such, some time back the Government decided it would put a crimp into the meth producers’ schemes. The idea, from what I can gather, was to make it as bureaucratic and cumbersome as possible to buy decent cold medicine, and restrict the amount one could purchase at any given time. After a while, the meth producers would get so worn down with waiting in line and producing ID and filling out paperwork that they would quit and engage in more wholesome activities, like golf or benefit fraud.

Unfortunately, caught in the midst of this are the God-fearing cold and allergy sufferers of America, particularly those with hideous sinus conditions.

Now, with this complaint of mine, I don’t mean to diminish the fact that meth is a very real scourge, particularly in rural parts of the country. After all, it’s fair to say that any drug that can keep a user awake for a week, while also potentially causing that user to intermittently scream about the spiders crawling under his skin, is not something with which one ought fool around. Also, there’s the whole meth mouth thing, with the necrotic gums and rotting teeth.

So I do understand where the Government is coming from on this one. I just wish they would let me buy two boxes of the medicine at a time, that’s all. Had I been able to do that this week, I could’ve not made an extra trip to the pharmacy on Friday morning, in which I repeated the whole process again, down to the ten minute wait in line. This was especially not fun given how I was feeling at the time. As such, I hope the Government will tweak – well, let’s say reform – the regime it has put in place.

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