November 18, 2006

GameDay Awaits

THE DETROIT NEWS' Bob Wojnowski has written a great column reflecting on the life and career of Bo Schembechler, the legendary former football coach at the University of Michigan. Schembechler passed away yesterday, and news of his death has stunned the Michigan faithful.

However, I have a feeling the coach would want us to continue the rivalry with an even greater passion than before. As such, I would note Mr Wojnowski's column printed in Friday's edition of the paper.

Here's some key quotes from Mr Wojnowski:

"The Buckeyes have won four of the past five meetings and are 11-0 and ranked No. 1. When they host underdog No. 2 Michigan on Saturday, it's expected to be the biggest day in Columbus since the invention of the deep fryer."


"Yes, U-M fans can get ridiculous, too, although they save most of their expletives for Lloyd Carr's play-calling. But there's no doubt it's crazier in Columbus, partly because the Buckeyes have nothing else to distract them, no other major rivals, no other major teams to follow, no silly concerns about "academics," no important social or economic issues to worry about, like saving the whales or saving the auto industry."


"The competition on the field between the Wolverines and Buckeyes is always spirited, respectful and wonderfully intense. Off the field? Uh, not so much.

"U-M fans aren't blameless, either. I've seen cases where Wolverines arrogantly wore their school colors in Columbus and sometimes even cheered out loud. And I understand many brazenly drive down there -- get this -- in their very own cars with Michigan license plates. Boy, that's pretty dumb. You have a Michigan license plate, you might as well have a sign that states, "Vandalize me! It's OK! I'm insured!""


Now go read the rest, have some breakfast, turn on GameDay, make sure you have adequate supplies of chips, dip and beer, and get ready for some football.

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