November 15, 2006

Michigan, It’s Time for Trampling Out the Vintage

ON SATURDAY, the nation’s two best college football teams will play the greatest game in the greatest rivalry of sporting history. The undefeated Michigan Wolverines, ranked No. 2 in the national standings, will play the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes, who reign supreme in college football. Yet this reign is a tenuous one, for the ranking formulae say Ohio State leads by just three thousandths of a point over their rivals. On Saturday, only one team shall be left standing.

Never has such a battle taken place before, and perhaps no such battle may happen again in our lifetimes. Ever since 1835, when Michigan and Ohio fought a small armed conflict over Toledo, these two states have had it in for each other – a rivalry which is now fought on the football field. As someone who grew up in Michigan, and an alumnus of the University of Michigan, I can only hope my Michigan Wolverines triumph in Columbus on Sunday.

I know they can do it. I have watched them play nearly every game this season. Their defense is impeccable and their offense is extremely good. The same can be said for Ohio State, of course, but Michigan has been infused with a drive and a passion this year that I haven’t seen in a long time. This is a team which wants to win; a confident and determined team which will strike with furious anger when need be.

Besides, Mark May on ESPN just predicted Ohio State would win, and he has annoyed me for the last time. Thus, I would beseech my Michigan team: beat Ohio State. Beat them. Beat them without mercy. Beat them until the Buckeyes’ fans wail and gnash their teeth, and rend their garments in agony and despair. Or, at the very least, are in a bad mood on the drive home. Whichever works – the point is, just beat them. Throw the Buckeyes down to the ground.

Yes, men of Michigan, if ever there was a time for trampling out the vintage, this is it. It has been a hard-fought season and our victories have been sweet, but could there be anything sweeter than earning a shot in the national championship game AND ruining Ohio State’s season at the same time? Clearly, there could not. So though you walk through the valley of the Horseshoe, fear not, for truth and justice – and the best defensive coordinator in all of college football – are on your side.

Good luck, and return Champions of the West.

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