November 05, 2006

Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls -- It Tolls for Pittsburgh

THE RANT IS PROUD to note our Saskatchewan Roughriders, in an amazing 30-21 victory over the Calgary Stampeders, have made it through the first round of the post-season. They'll play the British Columbia Lions next Sunday for the Scotiabank West Division Championship. Clearly the Grey Cup awaits!

I'm glad to see there's joy in Regina, or Saskatoon, or wherever the Roughriders play, tonight. Even though the Roughriders fell behind 21-5, they managed to score 25 unanswered points to return to victory. How did the Roughriders end up scoring five points, and then scoring 25 additional points? You don't really want to know. Anyway, this -- oh, hell.

Pittsburgh lost. Again. Shit.

This play kind of sums up the Steelers' season thus far. The player on the poster is Hines Ward, Pittsburgh's star wide receiver. At the moment this photo was taken, Mr Ward was doing his damnedest to cross the goal line for a crucial touchdown. Sadly, Denver Broncos free safety John Lynch knocked the ball free from Mr Ward's grasp, leading to a fumble which Denver then recovered.


Not that Mr Ward had anything to do with the loss. He played brilliantly throughout the game and that's why this picture depresses me, because the man has grit. But as my father has said, and a colleague of mine said today, it's not the winning that defines a sports fan -- it's the losing. The endurance and the pain of losing.

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