November 03, 2006

This Bodes Well for Annapolis

EARLIER THIS WEEK, Air Force quarterback Shaun Carney told a New York newspaper that his Falcons squad would defeat Army by the outlandish score of 49-7. Cadet Carney went so far as to say his team needed to run up the score against some opponent.

Now, in any collegiate or professional football game, a 42 point margin of victory is pretty amazing, even in an early-season chump game. Generally speaking, it represents a thorough stomping of the other side, and a completely lopsided game. As such, it's an especially bold prediction to make when one is about to travel to the stadium of one's opponent, and when that opponent is similarly talented.

Well, here in the third quarter, it's Air Force 43, Army 0.


Um -- congratulations, Air Force. Geez.

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