October 16, 2006

Technical Troubles and the Rites of Fall

HELLO ALL. I'M SORRY for not posting lately, and I'm even sorrier for not keeping up on my e-mail correspondence like I ought. Unfortunately, The Rant has been having what can charitably be described as "e-mail issues," and these -- combined with the continued lack of comments on-site -- have rendered me somewhat mute for the moment. I'm working on fixing these problems and will hopefully have them dealt with soon. However, given the way my technological capabilities are being degraded, I might soon have to start sending audiotapes to television stations.

Of course, aside from all that, things here have been amazingly busy. I had a great visit with my parents this weekend, and have been quite busy with work in the meantime, and spending most of my free time doing things like "eating" and "sleeping." However, things are slowly starting to "cool down" here at The Rant and I do hope to resume a normal posting schedule shortly.

UPDATE: OK, I can apparently write e-mail -- I just can't receive any e-mail. So if you've sent me e-mail in the last, oh, 36 hours or so, I can assure you I haven't received it. This is being worked on.

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