September 29, 2006

From Prometheus to the Fans

FOR AMERICANS, few things are as frustrating, complicated and Byzantine as the way U.S. television networks draw up their schedules for airing professional football games.

All football fans have had the experience of getting ready for Sunday's football, only to find their local network affiliate is airing a crummy game -- like Dallas at Tennessee, for instance. Meanwhile, the game one might want to watch -- say Minnesota at Buffalo -- is only available if one drives to a sports bar (or two hours north, but that would also mean driving to a sports bar).*

Fortunately, though, the Internet no longer means football fans must suffer through that shock and horror on Sunday. Thanks to the committed efforts of football fan J.P. Kirby, people everywhere can now see the networks' TV coverage maps for themselves, and plan accordingly to watch the games they want to watch -- days in advance. Thank you, Mr Kirby, for your tireless efforts to bring football fans everywhere the information they need.

* Yes, I'm fully aware of NFL Sunday Ticket, which lets viewers see any NFL game they want. I would pay an arm and a leg for this -- but satellite service isn't an option for me. Also, I'm fully aware that local teams take precedent; this has to do with getting crappy out-of-market games versus good out-of-market games.

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