September 29, 2006

A Point of Order Here

AS A GENERAL RULE, I don't get involved in policy arguments here at The Rant. As readers know, I much prefer spending my free time criticizing beer advertisements, insulting search engine users, writing about the Pittsburgh Steelers and examining personal-finance issues.

However, I must say I was disappointed to see Michelle Malkin, the columnist and prominent blogger, dismiss some recent arguments my good friend Dean Esmay put forward as mere "traffic bait." This was not merely sloppy, it was perfectly untrue.

After all, a responding writer does not give "traffic bait" the benefit of a giant post arguing against the points made in the baiter's essay. Besides, it wouldn't surprise me if Mr Esmay gets more traffic than Mrs Malkin. According to Mrs Malkin's "About" page, she averaged four million page views per month as of July 2006; Mr Esmay, according to his publicly-available site statistics, received 5,105,638 page views during that month. In any event, having known Mr Esmay for several years, I can assure my readers that he does not argue for the sake of arguing, or to merely draw traffic to his site.

For those readers who would care to learn more about this issue in depth, one can read a good primer on it at Mr Esmay's site.

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