September 24, 2006

A Very, Very Frustrating Sunday

I KNOW IT'S IMPORTANT for me to keep life's curveballs in proper perspective, but it's still incredibly frustrating when ALL of the football teams for which one has a passion somehow manage to lose on any given Sunday, while ALL the teams one hates manage to win. OK, so that's somewhat of an exaggeration, but the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders WOULD have won if they'd been scheduled to play today. That's how bad the day went.

I mean, I'm sorry, but could someone PLEASE explain to me how, within the span of a minute, the Pittsburgh Steelers managed to make two key fumbles? Two key fumbles which led to two touchdowns for the Cincinnati Bengals, thus giving Cincinnati an 11 point lead late in the fourth quarter? Also, how in the hell did the Cleveland Browns manage to blow their 11 point lead in the fourth quarter, which led to a one-point victory for the evil Baltimore Ravens? As for Detroit -- well, I don't even want to know, because it was Detroit, but they lost to Green Bay and that was rather unfortunate.

It would hurt less if the teams I hated also lost, but that wasn't the case either. Baltimore, as noted, eked out a victory. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins also managed to run roughshod over weak opponents, and that was annoying. But the worst part came when I checked this week's scores in the for-fun football pool of which I'm a part. I did worse than my friends' toddlers at picking winners this week -- and the kids make their choices based on how much they like the teams' names.

The kids, as one might have expected, picked the Bengals.

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