September 20, 2006

And Now. a YouTube Interlude

OK, SO I SAID I would return on Monday and it's now Wednesday and I've still written nothing of consequence on the blog. But I have a perfectly valid excuse. Namely, I got back from my trip and ran smack into two giant obstacles. First, there were those annoying chores one must do following one's vacation, such as "unpacking" and "getting the dry cleaning done" and "buying groceries." As much as I like blogging, I figured it was important for me to spend the free time I had on, well, stuff. Also things have been crazy-busy at work, with long days and/or weird schedules.

I should warn that in early- to mid-November, a similar break in blogging will take place due to this. But that is a long way off. In the meantime, rest assured that I had a great vacation and it was super fun. Also, enjoy this YouTube clip (via Chris) of Darth Vader ... well, at least Darth's lesser-known, less-accomplished brother Chad.

Episode IV comes out soon! Yeah!

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