August 31, 2006

It Is Good to Be Alive

GOD! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! The weather's nice, the temperature is in the low sixties, and it's the first night of college football season! Surprisingly, the games haven't really been all that bad, at least not the ones I've had the privilege of watching.

Of course, not even I was interested in some of the games being played tonight, such as the powerhouse battle between the Temple University Owls and the University of Buffalo Bulls. It would take an entire article -- such as this -- to explore the true wretchedness of both teams, which had a combined record last year of 1-21. (Here's another one!) But they fought it out this evening in Buffalo, and after four tough quarters of action, the score was ...

Temple 3, Buffalo 3.

I kid you not.

However, after two college football overtime periods (!!!) the Buffalo Bulls managed to eke out a 9-3 victory. So, they deserve congratulations. I guess.

I was able to watch pretty much all the game between South Carolina and Mississippi State University. It tells you something about the game when South Carolina punter/kicker Ryan Succop ends up being named player of the game. Of course, he DID kick three field goals, and DID turn a potential blocked punt into a crucial first down, which was pretty amazing. That South Carolina won 15-0 -- well, that tells you how much an impact he had on the game. But in this case, the score is really representative of how well both defenses played -- for instance, in the first half, there was something like 150 total yards.

In other news: I was glad to see the Central Michigan University Chippewas fight hard against Boston College. They lost 31-24 but they put up a good fight and I like to see that in a MAC team, particularly if the MAC team is playing Boston College, which I detest. Northwestern, a team which pretty much everyone in the Big Ten likes, did well against Miami of Ohio, winning 21-3.

As for Kent State and Minnesota -- well, the less said the better. But if you are reading this on late Thursday/early Friday, do find a way to turn on the game between Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. NAU is a Division I-AA school ... and they're holding their own against the Sun Devils.

CORRECTION, 9/1, 6 a.m.: As it turns out, I should have referred to the University at Buffalo, as the school is a branch of the State University of New York. Sorry. Also, 30,000 Buffalo fans turned out for the game. So help me God, they rushed the field. If that's not proof college football is an amazing game, I don't know what is.

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