August 21, 2006

Goods Purchased

LIKE MOST PEOPLE, I have a particular style of dress which I like, and fortunately for me that style is easy to maintain. It will not surprise Loyal Rant Readers to know this style involves wearing a) Oxford-style shirts and b) slacks. In fact, I like Oxford-style shirts and slacks so much that I pretty much wear them exclusively.

Why, you ask? Well, I just like it that way. That's not to say I don't wear other outfits, but I only wear those when the time and place is fitting.

For instance, T-shirts are almost always relegated for when I'm doing chores, I'm sick, or I've somehow been cajoled into taking part in athletic activity. Sweatshirts are worn only during fall sporting events, and sweaters are worn only during winter, particularly holidays. I haven't worn jeans in years, as I don't find them comfortable. And although some men in Manchester find it perfectly fine to walk around not wearing a shirt, I'd rather wear an Oakland Raiders jersey than go shirtless. (You're welcome, I'm sure).

Anyway, as I said, one thing I really like about my style of dress is that it's easy to maintain. The shirts last for a long time despite frequent dry-cleaning, and because they're almost always in plain colors, they match with pretty much everything and never go out of fashion. (Not that I care about fashion, but hey). This evening, though, I think I scored a two-fer at the mall.

I got four really nice plain dress shirts that look quasi-fashionable and were in a variety of colors; they fit great and look nice and are incredibly comfortable. Even better, they were all on sale, so I got these really nice $34 shirts for $21 each. Then, at the sporting goods store, I managed to get these three nicely-knit plain T-shirts for $3 each, when they were regularly $9 each. So not only did I manage to get decent deals at both stores -- considering other styles of shirts were much more expensive -- I managed to get lots of clothes shopping done at once.

Yes, my game's MVP like Steve Nash.

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