August 12, 2006

Manchester Wolves Update: For Want of a Nail...

WELL, EVEN THOUGH the Manchester Wolves lost this evening to the Florida Firecats by the thinnest possible margin, it was a good season and one of which the team can be proud. Just minutes ago, the Firecats defeated the Wolves by a score of 40-39, in a hardfought game in Florida, putting an end to our playoff run in the arenafootball2 league, and our championship hopes for this year.

It was an incredibly exciting game, though -- I listened via radio -- and it went down straight to the wire. In the end, I certainly wish much had gone different: that some of our key players hadn't been hurt; that our kicker had made extra points which later proved crucial; that our quarterback hadn't thrown an interception which ended our last drive. If we had just one of those many nails, we could have perhaps saved the kingdom. But all of that is now past.

Certainly the Wolves have a lot of which to be proud. They won four games in a row at the end of the season to get us to the playoffs, and then they won an exciting playoff game at home. They played well as a team, and I could see where individual players certainly improved their skills over the course of the season, or made significant contributions to the team. All that speaks a lot about the players on the team and their character.

Although the arena-football season is over for me now, the Arena Football League will start up again early next year and its af2 minor league will start up again early next spring. I've found the games lots of fun and will likely splurge for a Wolves season ticket next time around. If the AFL or af2 has a team in your area, and you're a football fan, I'd encourage you to give the game a shot. It's football in the off-season, there aren't any bad seats, it's affordable and it's a heck of a lot of fun.

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