August 11, 2006

I Can Give the Red Sox Tuesdays and Wednesdays

I HAVE A horrible confession to make.

On Thursday, talk at the office revolved around how the Boston Red Sox had dropped four straight against the two of the worst teams in baseball. The prognosis for the team was grim: the Sox were collapsing and we were down three games and the season was over. Then I said something like:

ME: Well, fortunately, it’s football season!

This prompted at least one of my baseball-loving colleagues to look at me as if I was insane. But it really wasn’t my fault! I mean, it’s football season! It’s practically autumn, the season of miracles!

Could I really be blamed for being more interested in that night’s pre-season game between the Indianapolis Colts and the St. Louis Rams? Could I really be blamed for wanting the Rams to knock Peyton Manning flat on his keister, even though he would only play for like three minutes?

I don’t think so! Particularly because Quarterback Candyass got shaky again when the Rams managed to put him under pressure, and yet I still had to listen to the frickin’ announcers go on about how wonderful the Golden Child was. Please. But I digress.

My point is: I’m from the Rust Belt and my family is from the Rust Belt, and in the Rust Belt, football is king. I grew up with football and grew up with my team and football is the sport that binds us all together. I love football – not only pro football, but college football and minor-league football and minor-league minor-league football. Truly it is the greatest sport ever invented.

So I have to ask for understanding and forgiveness from my colleagues and friends here in New England. That goes especially for when the NFL playoffs start in January and I show up to work with my Terrible Towel and root for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the greatest football team in all of history. But it also goes for now, when my interest in the Red Sox starts to wane in favor of pre-season maneuvering and news about the college game and all that jazz. I’m sorry. It’s my Midwestern roots.

That said, for those of my readers who are die-hard baseball fans, I would encourage you to make Basegirl a daily stop on your blog-reading list. She’s an excellent baseball writer and a devoted Red Sox fan, so go give her a read. Start with her essay on the Sox getting swept by the Royals.

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