August 10, 2006

We Built This City on Craptacular TV Specials

THERE WERE MANY THINGS bad about the Seventies: the oil shocks, the stagflation, the 55 mph speed limit. Yet perhaps the worst part about the decade was that even the few good things in it, such as Star Wars, were occasionally tainted with the massive suckitude that infested everything else. When it came to the Star Wars franchise, perhaps the worst such incident involved something called "The Star Wars Holiday Special."

The "Holiday Special" has been broadcast only once: on Nov. 17, 1978, on CBS. According to its Wikipedia entry, it is so horribly bad that George Lucas, who had little to do with the final product, removed his story credit. It is so horribly bad that an actual television critic called it "the worst two hours of television ever." It is so horribly bad that its "special guest stars" include Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman and -- wait for it -- Jefferson frickin' Starship. Yes, that Jefferson Starship.

I'm sorry, but when Jefferson Starship is presented as a Special Musical Guest, you know the show's going to bite. Anyway, after the special aired, the "Holiday Special" wasn't widely available for nearly three decades. That is, until June 3, 2006, when somebody uploaded the thing to YouTube. Here you go!

True, that's only the first nine minutes, but God knows that's about all you should really watch at one sitting.

(Thanks, Chris! THANKS A LOT!)

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