August 01, 2006

An Overdue Shoutout

I HAVE BEEN inexcusably late in thanking the good, fine people at Jalopnik, the auto blog (did I mention they're good, fine people?) for linking to my angry rant about those Ford commercials with Taylor Hicks. I'm proud to report their link sent me whole bunches of traffic, including several hits from no less than the Ford Motor Co. Yeah.

(Hi, Ford Motor Co. employees! I wasn't kidding! I'm this close to zoom zoom zooming about in an Isuzu!).

Anyway, one can clearly see the writers and editors at Jalopnik, which is part of the Gawker Media empire of fine publications, are discerning and cultured individuals. Certainly, we at The Rant tip our hats to Jalopnik's hard working scribes, and appreciate their help in the good fight.

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