June 30, 2006

!Es Comcastico!

SO HERE I WAS on Thursday night, all ready to sit down and watch the Red Sox-Mets game on television, when my old Motorola cable box finally decided to give up the ghost. This unfortunate happenstance, which prevented me from watching the Red Sox win their 12th game in a row (!GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!), prompted me to make an emergency call to the cable company.

Much to my surprise, I found my cable company's customer service people professional, friendly and most importantly helpful. So much so, in fact, that I found myself biting my lip so I wouldn't say anything snarky during the repair process. In a way, this was greatly disappointing. During the minutes in which I struggled on my own with my dying cable box, I immediately thought up a good quip and resolved to use it at least once during the repair process, in the hopes its proper deployment would earn me a credit on my bill or something. Yet I had absolutely no chance to use it.

So instead of being witty, I guess I'm in the position of having to actually thank my cable company for their efforts to fix my problems, up to and including scheduling a service appointment in hours as opposed to days. I have to admit I'm surprised at the new cable box, too. It's roughly 20 pc the size of the old giant box, works faster and as such seems more useful. There's a phrase which describes this state of affairs, but now that I've discovered its potential, I'm going to have to save it for future use.

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