May 02, 2006

In Sickness and ...

AND THE LORD God said, "Behold, the people enjoy warm weather, and they feel warmth upon their persons; even though they had a markedly mild winter. Now no New England weather shall restrain them, and they will soon tolerate anything. Come, let us go down and spread pestilence among them; not anything really bad, but annoying enough to cause disease and foulness, so that they may again properly respect the vagaries of New England's climate."

-- 1 Benjamin 30:3

SORRY I’ve been quiet. I’ve been sick. May God save me from all colds -- and especially this one, with its sore throat and ache and fever and congestion, plus the sharp piercing pain in my side when I sneeze or cough. Blech.

How miserable have I been? Well, consider this. After work on Sunday, I stopped at the grocery. I felt so listless and wretched that I didn’t even mind when, in Aisle 3, I encountered a couple whose badly-supervised daughter was cheerfully coughing over everything in sight. Talk about an appalling lack of respect for public health -- I mean, the girl didn't even try to cover her mouth.

Normally, such behavior would send my Societal Disdain Circuits into first gear, and I would privately wonder why the parents hadn't bothered teaching their child the basics of personal hygiene. Instead, I was just confounded. I glanced at the youngster and figured, well, whatever she caught, it can’t be any worse than what I’m stuck with.

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