March 18, 2006

A Dirge for Kansas

No. 13 Bradley 77, No. 4 Kansas 73,

So Kansas blew it
for the second year running--
thatís just got to hurt

Itís one thing to lose
by one point against Bucknell;
but Bradley schooled yíall.

I mean, itís Bradley
Good God, thatís embarrassing!
Did you study film?

Perhaps itís karma
held over from last yearís round:
smacktalking the 'dogs.

But look who called it:
such wisdom, such perception!
Yes, that would be me.

No. 3 North Carolina 69, No. 14 Murray State 65,

Murray State fell short
but not 'til the last minute,
and I must applaud.

How could one not root
for a school named Murray State?
It's just principle

Besides, my friend Drew
teased me about Gonzaga;
So I hoped he'd sweat.

And although his team
won out against the Racers,
he was quite concerned.

No. 14 Northwestern State 64, Iowa 63

Smooth move, Iowa
you lost to Northwestern State
and you deserved it

You should've won it
You were up 17 points
So there's no excuse.

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