March 16, 2006

An Ode to Winthrop

PART OF The Rant's traditional haiku festival celebrating the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament:

No. 2 Tennessee 63, No. 15 Winthrop 61,

Dang, look at Winthrop!
Where the hell did they come from?
A shame the Vols won

For the Eagles soared
as they played in Greensboro
but time never waits

There's always next year
for Winthrop, another game
for the Big South champs

Still, it's hard to lose
with just three seconds until
an earned overtime.

No. 11 UW-Milwaukee 82, No. 6 Oklahoma 74

Oh, Oklahoma!
Yeow! Yipioeeay!
Good Lord, what happened?

Gee, we thought you'd win
against frickin' Milwaukee.
Clearly, we were wrong!

No. 12 Montana 87, NO. 5 Nevada 79

Nevada got stopped
It'd been a long time coming
Nevada got stopped

Denied win fifteen
Goodbye, Nevada, goodbye
See you next big dance.

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