February 23, 2006

An Extraordinarily Busy Week

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I have to apologize for going AWOL the past week, especially after getting kudos from readers for resuming a more regular posting schedule. But your correspondent has been quite busy, and so much so that he has earned himself a dateline.

This past weekend, I went on a trip to the nation's capital, where I was attending a conference in the Maryland suburbs. It was a great time and I had a lot of fun, especially because I was able to see my old friend Lee and his wife Giulietta, and their four-month-old son. That was really nice, since I hadn't seen them in more than a year.

Since I've returned, things have been busy with work, life and everything else. That's made it difficult to keep on a regular posting schedule, but I should post more frequently as things get back to normal. In the meantime, though, thanks as always for reading!

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