February 11, 2006

Every Man a Speculator Dept.

OVER HERE on the East Coast, there's no better way to get people animated and excited than starting a conversation about the housing market. That's why Zillow.com, the all-new property-data aggregator, will soon be the next big thing.

Zillow is a free on-line real-estate appraisal system, with more than 60 million properties in the United States listed. It lets you see how much your house is worth at any given time. But why stop there? See how much your neighbors' houses are worth! See what your coworkers' homes are worth! Track your home's value on a weekly basis if you want! Snicker as your home appreciates in value compared to the home of the guy who was such a bore at that dinner party last week!

Heck, the site even gets me interested, and I don't even own a home. In fact, I don't even make full use of the room in my two-bedroom apartment. But that's testament to Zillow's allure.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at February 11, 2006 11:23 AM | TrackBack