February 01, 2006

America is the Greatest Nation Ever

WHY, YOU ASK? Well, one could mention the Constitution and the whole "rule of law" and "personal freedom" stuff, but there's also the fact that in America, people can go into a restaurant and order a 100-patty hamburger -- with cheese! And not only will the restaurant staff be happy to make up the order, they'll help celebrate when a party of eight somehow manages to finishes the behemoth.

It should be noted the burger in question is an In-n-Out Burger 100x100, which is essentially a "double-double with cheese," except with 98 extra meat patties and 98 extra slices of cheese.

I have no idea how these eight people managed to eat the thing.

I mean, come on -- just one double-double makes a meal, and two will be filling for anyone except a professional football player. Yet some in the party of eight ate the equivalent of TEN double-doubles. They ate the undercooked patties at the very end. Hell, they apparently even got fries, according to the photos.

And how did the store handle this, you might ask? They went to work making that $97.66 burger, set about creating a storage mechanism for the three-foot high construct, and in short, made it happen. It's that type of dedication to capitalism and the free market which makes America great, competitive, and prosperous.

(via Capitalist Lion)

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at February 1, 2006 04:20 PM | TrackBack

This of course begs the question -- whatever would have happened if Roderick had found out about THIS?!?

Posted by: Geoff Brown at February 8, 2006 08:22 PM

I don't think that even Roderick -- of OBlympic fame -- could have eaten the 100x100! However, I'd bet he could have tackled a 24x24.

Posted by: Benjamin Kepple at February 8, 2006 10:04 PM