January 27, 2006

Extreme Disparity

QUICK LANGUAGE QUESTION for all of you out there: do people still use the word "extreme" in a non-sarcastic sense any more? I ask this because I was under the impression that no one used the word since "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" came out on DVD, but apparently this isn't the case.

First, some background for everyone. One of the running jokes in "Harold and Kumar" is the repeated appearance of a group of punks, who run around wreaking havoc and declaring said havoc "extreme," in the sense that dangerous ski antics are "extreme." As a result of this, I find it impossible to use the word "extreme" without snickering.

Apparently, however, I didn't get the memo that said it's still OK for people to use the word.

A while back on television, I saw a show which portrayed boat-building as "extreme." Mountain biking is still apparently extreme, but so are things like DSL service. My personal favorite, however, is Elvis -- who is so extreme that the Federal Government will apparently launch interagency investigations into alleged Elvis-related copyright infringement. Who knew?

So, now I'm in a quandary. I mean, it's a great slang term, and very "with it" if used properly, but I don't want to risk people think I'm using it in the "dude, that's cool you're skiing backwards" sense of the term. Not that people would think I'd actually go skiing, but you know.

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